Technology is one of the linchpins of operational effectiveness. For example, being able to conduct night time operations gives our soldiers and law enforcement officers a serious advantage. At Millbrook Leasing Inc. we understand that budgets can be tight, especially when procuring operational technology like night vision equipment, thermal imaging devices and laser technology. It is difficult to keep pace with developing technologies and remain ahead of the curve. Often, we struggle to take into consideration the Life Cycle Program Management of the equipment which results in operational deficiencies.

As one of Millbrook Tactical Group Inc.'s strategic divisions, Millbrook Leasing Inc. helps create the advantage you need to succeed in these critical operational situations. To that end, we have created customized financing services that will make the pathway to technology easier and help ease the budgetary restraints.



Millbrook Leasing Inc. request for information. Please select one or more capability (Night Vision/Thermal/Laser/ Other) and give us details in regards to your needs by using the message box.