Training courses to make you a master of assessment, decision, and subsequent actions that require lethal force.



There may be no situation more stressful than the one with the potential to require the use of lethal force. Assessments, decisions, and subsequent actions must be immediate. Time to think becomes an unaffordable luxury. The imminent threat of potential loss of life creates an inhuman level of stress. Within one second the heart can race to over two hundred beats-per-minute causing cognition, motor skills and sensory processing to plummet.

Mistakes here could destroy lives and damages organization reputations. The more confident the soldier or law enforcement officer is in their respective tasks, the more likely, timely decisions and proportional actions will be made in the pressure of a decisive moment. However, unless our military and law enforcement commanders and operators are trained to plan for such stress, unless they are prepared, unless they are confident in their potential for success, they will never be as effective as they must be. They must be ready for anything.

It is our duty and honour to help provide Canada’s protectors with the training they require and deserve to success in these extreme conditions. All training is not created equal.



The decision to execute a tactical option has uncommon gravity. The deployment of such force demands extraordinary standards, an execution that is precise and controlled, planning and briefing that is thoughtful and detailed. The corporate knowledge and know-how of our experienced staff is unsurpassed in these disciplines. Millbrook can either help to establish tactical capabilities for your entire organization, or help hone the skills of your more experienced personnel. When your organization views its tactical capabilities as a significant asset, it becomes a tremendous and an additional source of greater organizational confidence.

Some of our tactical programs:

  • xxx / xxx / HRT
  • Close protection and Armoured Escort
  • Rural Operations
  • Maritime Operations and Armed Ship Boarding
  • Team Leader Training
  • Urban Operations
  • Convoy / Motorcade Operations
  • Counter Attack Team Operations
  • Active Shooter


Millbrook’s firearms training is customized for each Client to accommodate his or her unique needs. From entry-level through to advanced skills, we develop programs to achieve the training objectives of the individual, not the class. We consider ourselves successful when all our trainees leave Millbrook improved for the time and effort.

Realistic firearms training is, in our opinion, not only the skills foundation for a solider or law enforcement officer – it’s the linchpin for tactical training excellence. Committing to first-class relevant promotes a spirit of constant improvement that enhances your organization’s entire culture. The bar is raised, and the “good enough” attitude starts to disappear. Perhaps some think their traditional institutionalized firearm training is good enough. We’ve never had a problem before, so why change? Perhaps there are other reasons. At Millbrook, our firearms training programs are based on the corporate lessons learned from our instructors’ experiences. Theory has no place in our program unless it has been validated in the field. We know what works, and more importantly, what doesn’t.

Firearms training is the backbone of the skill-set we provide. Weapon confidence is the most relatable advantage any soldier or law enforcement officer can have and the best way to avoid excessive lethal force issues. Weapon confidence saves lives.

Some of our firearm programs:

  • Pistol Operator
  • Shotgun Operator
  • Carbine Operator
  • Machine Gun Operator
  • Marksman
  • Sniper
  • Submachine Gun Operator
  • Instructor Development (Train the Trainer)


Driving incidents can cost an organization dramatically in morale, reputation and ultimately lives. Operating vehicles safely and with the greatest chance of success in tactical situations, either domestically or abroad, is a skill which must be learned. Success behind the wheel doesn’t come from a driver’s license. Millbrook’s driving programs create a significant advantage for those who operate vehicles in emergency situations, those employed in protection operations, or those who may use a vehicle in hostile regions around the world.

The tracks that we use are specifically designed with tactical driving in mind. Their designs will challenge you and your team on various traction environments such as paved, gravel, and off-road surfaces to enhance operational driving skills. All our programs are based on detailed analysis of actual attacks and pursuits worldwide. Every student who undergoes driver training with Millbrook will improve their confidence and competence behind the wheel, regardless of their situation in which they find themselves.

Some of our driving programs:

  • Basic Driving Emergency Response (a prerequisite for all our programs)
  • Motorcade Operations
  • Convoy Operations
  • Advanced Tactical Driving
  • Single Vehicle Evasive Training
  • Route Assessment / Planning Considerations
  • Vehicle Surveillance / Counter Surveillance
  • Vehicle Disabled Counter Ambush Training
  • Counter Attack Team Training


We can provide assistance across the spectrum of potential needs with expertise ranging from the tactical “coal face” level, to the policy level.

The experience and expertise of Millbrook’s staff and affiliated contacts can be a valuable resource to the leaders of your organization. Tactical option planning, comprehensive and efficient briefings, leadership concepts – these are the key precursors to resolving a critical incident successfully. The seams between intra-agency and inter-agency capabilities often create the greatest sources of friction. Introduction of new programs can benefit from “pressure testing” and unproven concepts and theories benefit from discussion and assessment. The Millbrook team can reduce these frictions while simultaneously avoiding costly mistakes through the following consulting services.


Operational Assistance

  • Assistance with team tactics
  • Leadership and instructor professional development
  • Equipment selection and industry liaison


Exercise & Scenario Support

  • Planning, evaluating and validating
  • Red cell services
  • Role playing


Selection & Training Assistance

  • Selection criteria and program development
  • Training program development
  • Custom course development
  • Range development and assessment