BOSS Xe Ballistically Optimized Sighting System Enhanced

Shot counter: Monitors shot count using shot records, which are shared in real time with other users and the Armorer’s Module for Blueforce COMMAND.
Temperature monitoring: Monitors weapon temperature and can forward based on high and low thresholds.
Health/power: Monitors and reports maintenance flags or issues as part of the movement of shots, temperature, and location.
Sensor Fusion: Plugin runs alongside of other BTAC plugins to include Wilcox RAPTAR-S, Wilcox PATRIOT 5510, physiological, CBRN, subterranean trackers, signint, streaming body worn video, and other commercially available plugins. One client, MANY sensors.
Offline queue: BTAC will hold presence packets when connectivity is denied. When BTAC sees an approved network, it forwards packets cached during offline operations.
Network friendly Selective synchronization: Plugin may be configured to send ALL shot records, OR, only send those where shot count and/or temperature changes



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    The BOSS-Xe (Ballistically Optimized Sighting System – Enhanced) features a miniature reflex sight, red visible laser, infra-red (IR) laser and fixed IR illuminator. The BOSS-Xe is truly unique allowing the user to shoot two preset ballistic trajectories with the flip of a switch-without having to re-zero the weapon. This is achieved by co-aligning the reflex sight to the lasers and illuminator which all travel on our patented trajectory switch. Powered by one (1) CR123A battery this lightweight system delivers repeatable accuracy you can’t find with any other sighting system.