AN/PVS-14 BRIDGE Binocular Bridge System

Binocular or monocular configurable
Available in Dovetail or Horn interface for use with different mounts
Allows NVGs to be folded completely flat when stowed
Several points of adjustment ensure proper eye relief
Modular interface allows for quick removal
Backed by Wilcox’s 5 year warranty



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    The AN/PVS-14 binocular bridge provides versatility allowing the end user to wear a PVS-14 as a monocular or add a second PVS-14 or a SkeetIR®x thermal for binocular needs. Offered in a dovetail shoe or horn interface (sold separately), the PVS-14 binocular bridge fits securely into our G24 or G11 mount allowing the binocular configuration to be positioned into operational, high ready and stowed positions, the same as in a monocular configuration.