L3 Harris Night Vision Device AN-PVS-14

An active projected infrared LED provides short-range illumination allowing such activities as map reading
Self-contained system operating on a single AA battery
Low-battery indicator in eyepiece
Variable gain control
Autogated power supply for improved resolution under highlighted settings
Hands-free or one-hand operation
High-light cut-off tube protection
Mounts available for head, helmet or weapon interfaces
Compact, lightweight and multi-purpose uses
U.S. manufactured image intensifier (I2) tube



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    The Night Vision Device, also known by its military nomenclature AN/PVS-14, is the U.S. military standard for night vision and can be either used as a handheld pocketscope, a right or left eye-mounted monocular or a weapon sight when mounted in conjunction with an infrared laser aimer or other night vision-compatible primary optic.