L3Harris Clip-On Night Vision Device M2124 AN-PVS 24-24A

The advanced design of the CNVD prevents the typical requirement of removing a primary (day) sighting system. By supplementing the user’s existing primary sighting system, the CNVD maintains user’s consistent eye relief and shooting position.

Converts to night vision mode with approximately zero shift
Maintains shooting position and eye relief
Compact and lightweight
Uses Generation III, U.S. manufactured night vision image intensifier tubes

Also available in a Long-Range configuration, the CNVD-LR is designed for higher-caliber weapons and snipers, who require long-range identification and engagement.



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    The L3Harris Clip-On Night Vision Device (CNVD) is a night vision sight that clips onto the rail in front of the existing day optic without altering day optic zero.
    Designed for use with a 4x magnified optic, the CNVD can be used in the handheld or weapon-mounted configuration. Manual gain and focus adjustment enable the operator to optimize the sight picture.

    The CNVD is based upon the military nomenclature AN/PVS-24/24A used by the U.S. Military.