SKULL LOCK™ Head Mount – Lite NVG Soft Head Harness

Lightweight, low-profile and lo-vis for covert operations
Comprised of fabric lending comfort for usage and storage
Provides alternative to mounting NVGs on ballistic helmets
Velcro provides attachment for patches, strobes and lights
Removable pouch stores battery pack or counterweights
MOUNT COMPATIBILITY: Compatible with the full line of Wilcox L4 series NVG mounts *DPAM and GSGM mounts require interface plate adapter sold separately.



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    Our Skull Lock™ Head Mount-Lite is lightweight, lo-profile, and lovis comprised entirely of fabric, lending comfort and versatility to usage and storage. This system accommodates the complete line of Wilcox NVG mounts offering you the versatility of a helmet mounting solution without the added weight of a ballistic helmet.

    A padded velcro cap design allows attachment of patches and strobes and also utilizes a removable battery pouch that stores a battery pack or counterweight system for NVG weight distribution. The CAM-FIT™ Retention System is completely adjustable and conforms to your head with the turn of the Boa® dial. When not in use, the system can easily be folded and placed into a cargo pocket or pack.